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  Steal City, Dec 30 2011

this newe years

imma party like 1999

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  Steal City, Dec 24 2011


I'm in a terrible spot. My ATM card was eaten a long while ago. Luckily I was carring 5k on me. That money has come to an end and I have been waiting for my new ATM card to arrive for a ridiculously long time (month and a half/ they wont send it express). I am in Belgrade, Serbia at this time and it would suck to have to travel or to have to western union money in from someone. As a foreigner I haven't been able to open a bank account.

I have a friend (morph1 on LP) who lives about 2 hours away and he could help me but it would be amazing if anyone knew a guy who lives in Belgrade who would give me $ for PS and I would throw in some vig. If so please give me his contact, by PM or posting in this thread

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  Steal City, Mar 14 2011

  On March 14 2011 02:43 Spitfiree wrote:
lololo cool level mind wars Steal City expected such a comment just not from you
also this is the ROFL thread if you really wanna discuss an obvious thing we can move to another thread

p.s. my comment is somewhat a troll and somewhat quite the opposite, also if i hate on another nation that doesnt make me a nationalist please get your terminology right

You said "incase you wonder why people hate Americans"

Americans, not America. You can claim to say it doesn't mean you don't hate Americans but your sentence more than implies that there a justification for hating Americans. To hate people because of what nation they are from is to be nationalist...

and i dont hate americans, only posted it with such comment coz many people pretend or actually think that they do which is even funnier so apologiez if i offended you, however your comments only make you appear as a person you described

You didn't offend me, I've spent maybe 8 years of my 26 in the US. English was the 3rd language I learned to read and write and I haven't been in the US for about 6 years or so. I have however in europe and asia come across many extremely nationalist people from all countries and it does sicken me as without nationalism and nationalist sentiments things like war and genocide might be unheard of.

You say that I am like the nationalist person I described? Pretty bold statement to make. I gave incredibly logical and well explained reasons to show that it was true for yours and you made no effort to contradict my statements aside from saying you were half trolling. You are calling me a nationalistic or something because I dislike nationalism or is it because coincidentally the people being hated on and generalized with your statement happens to be US people and I hold a US passport? Really, that's a fucked up thing to say such a thing and you don't give any reason as to why... to be honest I think you just realized this little side of you and are projecting.

if you read it all it seems very much to be ringing true here.

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